A Two-Fold Approach was Most Successful.....

by Rhonda

The most successful plan for me losing weight was a two-fold approach. All too often you see commercials or ads with the next, new, best method of losing weight. Some that are helpful and others that are more harmful in one-way or another. I have always been on the heavy side, but when I learned that I had diabetes from my weight issue I knew I had to do something. I had some success with Slim Fast but it was limited. As I mentioned there is no lack of plans, methods or systems but often the fundamental failing is that they only address one of the two issues that contribute to unhealthy weight. Either it deals with the diet or activity level of those needing to lose weight. You can boil down all the fancy, expensive plans and are left with the two main factors: portions and exercise. Keep it simple and keep it attainable For me the problem started with my job, always rushing, never taking the time to eat. Then having one huge meal at the end of the day and falling into bed. So my first change was to eat small portions, several times through out the day. Second was giving up a couple hours a day of TV couch potato time and doing something. Three to four days a week it was the gym. Then in addition to the gym; some days walking, some days riding the bike, some days just chasing the kids around the house. Simple, but it is a change that you can achieve and stick with for the long haul.

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