Symlin Helps Diabetics Control Blood Sugars

Symlin, or Pranlintide as it is also called, is a fairly recent injectable drug for diabetics helps people with type 1 and 2 diabetes. It helps to curb high postmeal blood sugars. Pranlintide was actually approved sometime back in 2005. This injectable drug is actually a synthetic analog of amylin. Amylin is really a hormone which is secreted with insulin by the pancreas. Scientists, according to what I have read on this, believed for many years that insulin was the only possible hormone involved in controlling the blood glucose. Recently though, it was discovered that a hormone amylin is also produced by the pancreas, from your beta cells. Amylin is released in conjunction with insulin, which responds to your meals. Another thing that Symlin does is suppresses glucagon put out by the liver. Therefore, this slows stomach emptying and gives you a feeling of better satisfaction, which controls your appetite.

With the body in both types of diabetes not producing enough of insulin, it also in turn, will put out less amylin too. This is where scientists have proven that Pranlintide will help people achieve better glucose control than just taking insulin by itself.

Symlin is taken by injection only, like insulin. If you are in the category of a type 1 diabetic, you would probably take 15 micrograms before eating. With us type 2's, your dosage would probably be set around 60 micrograms before eating. This is not a sure thing, as it is up to you and your doctor what is best.

When taking this insulin enhancing drug, do not mix it together in the same syringe as insulin. It is also best to inject on your stomach someplace or thigh. The absorption of this medicine is not always predictable when placed elsewhere on the body.