A Victim of Type 2 Diabetes

by Paulette

Three years back it was my daughter’s wedding day and I was very happy for my daughter but physically I felt some uneasiness. I ignored that for time being but later I felt some dizziness and suddenly everything went dark for me. I fainted, all thought that I was tired and so gave me some juice. After two days when i went for my check up, my physician just like that dropped me that bomb shell that

I am a victim of type 2 diabetics which is not curable. At last after a lot of counseling I got adapted to the idea that I am a diabetic. I had blood glucose- fasting224 and blood glucose-pp320 which is rated as very high. I was given oral hypoglycemic drugs. Basically I am a person of sweet tooth and so when I saw my diet chart it was like ripping me into pieces. It was strictly non sugar and non glucose diet. Everywhere I could see only oatmeal, soybean, garlic, bitter gourd and stuff that don’t provoke your taste buds. strictly no to things like white rice, red meat, cheese, spices, bananas and fruits rich in glucose level. I was allowed to take all types of greens. It was like pure hell for me. I started complaining about anything and everything under sun. My daughter fought with me like anything for being such adamant. I felt that it was better to die than living in that hell. But somehow I gathered up my wits. I felt ashamed for being so childish. Firstly I stopped grieving for everything and then I stopped craving for food rich in calories, I started to take fiber rich food. That was a very hard task .It was not as easy as it sounds. But somehow I did that. The rest was easy and enjoyable too. I started exercising “regularly” according to my physician advice. I reduced my weight which made my hopes fly high. I felt very light. But again because of my walking shoes I had a small blister in my foot, for which I applied some ointment. Later I found that area near by it had no felling and its color was changed. Once again I went through the same hospital, doctors, pain and medication. This time I carefully jotted the do’s and don’ts and worked according to that. Now I am quite health conscious and also a healthy person. I may be a diabetic but now I can keep my sugar level under my control and be happy as I can be.

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