All In Favor of Atkins

by Greg

I tried for a long time to do the low calories and fat diets. I also worked out an hour a day on a walking machine and only lost a couple of pounds a month. Finally, I started the Atkins low carb diet. I know people talk about how unhealthy it is, The thing is you can make it as healthy as you want to. I eat lots of baked chicken, fish and salads or green vegetables. When you start it you have to go 14 days on a strict plan to get your body to start dropping the weight. After that is over you start adding more good carbs to your plan. You will also be able to bring in fruits at a certain point. The major thing i stay away from is high carb breads and pastas. I also still use artificial sweeteners. To this day i can go on it really hard if i need to loose a little before a big event. If i do it right i can loose a pound a day. But, i am eating enough just better food for me like salads. You have to make the right food choices for yourself on any diet and this one gives you a long list in the book. I recommend it highly as long as you do it safely. Just be smart.

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