Answers Top Ten Dental Questions, the Ones You Always Wanted to Ask

by Jayden Adams

Answers Top Ten Dental Questions, the Ones You Always Wanted to Ask

by Jayden Adams

Is it really important to brush your teeth after every meal? �Ideally, we would all brush out teeth after every meal. If you can�t brush after a meal, try chewing sugarless gum, to clean off the teeth.�

How often should I bleach? �It is best not to bleach your teeth more often than once a week. If you become aware of an increase in sensitivity, stop bleaching until all sensitivity has gone away. Also, if you notice that your teeth begin to look chalky white, it may mean they have been dehydrated due to too much bleaching.�

Is smoking bad for gums? �Gum disease is characterized by inflamed gums that recede from the teeth and often leads to tooth loss. And it has been proven that smokers are six times more likely to develop gum disease than non-smokers. Some researchers in England, observed a group of smokers with gum disease and found that the some of their symptoms improved in the ones who quit smoking during the study.�

Why is flossing important? �Brushing alone does not remove all plaque from your teeth and plaque can lead to tooth decay. Flossing removes the plaque in between the teeth where a toothbrush doe not reach and it also helps to remove food that is caught between the teeth. Flossing can help to control bad breath, also.�

Should I brush or floss first? �It is not important whether you floss first or brush first. Do whichever seems most logical to you. But do floss at least once a day for two to three minutes, to be most effective.�

What makes teeth sensitive, even if no decay exists? �Sometimes the top layer of a tooth, the enamel, has been lost or lessened. This being the protective layer of the teeth, if it is missing it allows heat, cold, acidic or sticky foods to stimulate the nerves and cells inside the tooth, causing hypersensitivity and some discomfort. Also, receding gums can be the cause of sensitivity.�

What causes bad breath? �The most common cause of halitosis is bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria (those living and growing in the absence of free oxygen) feed on leftovers and dead cells. The harmful microorganisms attack teeth and gums, producing a typical foul smell Regular dental care will help with bad breath.�

Is an electric toothbrush more effective? �An electric toothbrush may help those who have difficulty brushing their teeth, but it has not proven to clean better than a regular toothbrush. And, remember, to replace your toothbrush every two to three months, as well as after colds, to keep it in top shape.�

If I brush my teeth three times a day, do I still need to have my teeth cleaned?

�Yes, this is usually the case. Periodontal treatment deals with the health and care of the tissues surrounding and supporting the teeth. Bacteria inflaming the tissue housing the roots of the tooth are known as periodontal disease. Treatment is in the form of regular dental cleaning and, in less healthy instances, full tooth scaling (scraping bacterial plaque and calculus from the tooth). State of the art ultrasonic scaling equipment is more thorough and less invasive than scraping; however it is not as comfortable a procedure for those patients with sensitivity issues. Although scraping is often not needed if regular teeth cleaning has been done.�

How often should I have my teeth checked? �It is best to see your dentist every six months for cleaning and a checkup. The teeth are so related to you physical condition and well-being, I suggest a very vigilante attitude toward dental health.�

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