Antioxidants And Their Role In Health And Wellness

by Aaron Wilmont

Antioxidants And Their Role In Health And Wellness

by Aaron Wilmont

There are many books, web sites, magazines and other information which is centered on health, nutrition, diets, vitamins and antioxidants. This information is often based on one subject matter source, be it nutrition or vitamins. For the most part, very few offer information on all of these subjects in a comprehensive manner.

To find pertinent information on good health it is often through a lot of reading and research in different publications, to find the proper system that works for them with all the different items that are manufactured for good health.

In the information that is readily available today it may at times be difficult to decide what is right for you personally, the easy part of this is if one health regiment does not work another will to control weight, health and make you feel better in everyday life.

As a general rule, when a person is eating the proper foods it shows in their appearance, their hair and skin is healthier and their energy level is higher than a person who does not eat properly, does not get the proper vitamins and antioxidants. When a person does not get the proper nutrition, vitamins and antioxidants it is seen in the skin, which may not be clear, hair that can become dull and brittle and finger nails, which can split and break easily.

Of course, health is in the news every single day, and naturally everyone is concerned with proper nutrition and one of the most talked about parts of health and nutrition is antioxidants. There has been and is ongoing research regarding antioxidants, but what are they and what do they really do is the question that many people think they know but are not certain.

Antioxidants are found in many foods naturally such as vegetables, grains, nuts and some meat like poultry and fish. It is particularly rich goji juice which is made from the goji or wolf berry and is especially rich in the the Himalayan goji juice. In fact is found in abundance in most berries such as the acai and blueberry.

What this does is help to protect cells in the body against free radicals; these are molecules that are produced when the body breaks food down. Free radicals can also be found elsewhere, such as tobacco smoke and exposure to radiation. Without the protection of antioxidants according to some research, free radicals can damages cells in the body causing such effects as heart disease, cancer and other disease.

Other research leads to the belief that they help to slow the aging process and lengthen the life span, which is something that attracts people to the consumption of foods or daily supplements rather than the nutritional value.

Some of the better-known places that antioxidants are found is Beta-carotene, Lutein, Lycopene, Selenium, vitamin A, C and E, including foods rich in these. Antioxidants are extremely important due to their inherent free-radical fighting properties. Free radicals, when left unchecked, can harm the body at the cellular level and cause many of the symptoms that we associate with aging, such as wrinkling or discoloration of the skin.

For the most part, when an individual is consuming the proper foods it shows in their appearance, their skin in particular is healthier and their energy level is generally at a higher level than someone who does not eat properly, does not get the proper vitamins and antioxidants. This is where products such as goji juice and acai juice, for instance, can help because when a person does not get the needed nutrition it is seen in the skin, which may not be very clear.

Goji juice appears to be very important in this regard due to it's strong ORAC rating which basically measures the free radical absorption capacity of a particular food item. The latest nutrition technology makes goji juice even more potent as spectroscopic analysis, which is essentially a molecular fingerprinting technique is used in the production phase to single out only the most nutrient dense goji berries with the highest absorption ratio in people.

With this particular method the quality of the goji juice is largely assured. Besides the himalayan goji or worlf berry and goji juice, other top sources of antioxidants include the acai berry, leafy green vegetables like spinach and broccoli, raspberries, strawberries and tomatoes, among others.

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Aaron Wilmot is a writer and researcher regarding health, goji juice and nutrition in general. For more information about goji juice visit the Goji Juice Planet to learn more. There is a goji juice FAQ and other helpful tools as well.

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