Anyone Wants to Quit Smoking

by Sue Gold

Anyone Wants To Quit Smoking

Anyone Wants To Quit Smoking by suegold

Quitting smoking is a desire that chain smokers wish to come true. It can be possible with the following:

Have confidence: If you can believe yourself then you have already won half of the battle. Try to re- picture your days when you have proved your willpower. The only thing that you need is to boost up your spirits again.

Try with the limitations of smoking first. Think how smoking is eating up your body and then go for the advantages. Start applying them on yourself as quitting smoking will increase you lifespan, will make you feel better.

Family is precious for all. Think how much you will save if you quit smoking. It will help you in making new friends who hates smoking and will help you to do the same.

Initially you will behave illogically means that you will be restless. At that time remember your friends and family is there to help you out .Ask them to be tolerant with you and support you.

Exercise will allow you to ease yourself and will help you to get better than before. You may start with the walking. Go for one or two rounds per day. Do not fasten the process at he initial stage as you may feel tiresome. Ensure that you consult your physician.

Deep breathing is great for the beginners. Try it for 3 to 5 minutes each day. Fancy a scene that you have turned down the cigarette offered by someone.

If you are comfortable quitting all of them rapidly then go for it otherwise does it other way round. Plan number of cigarettes you will have each day until your auspicious day. Try to curtail its number each day. Keep changing your brands. This way you will stop enjoying smoking.

Search for companion. Motivate each other. Feel pride in your clean teeth that is not possible with going with the habit of smoking.

Plan your journey to the auspicious day in a different manner. After having completed the passage to two weeks of being a non smoker, plan to see a movie. After continuing the battle for one month visits a restaurant and so on.

Drink plenty of water everyday. It will help to flush all harmful chemicals out of your body. In addition, it helps to reduce your longings for cigarettes.

Try to work pout on the reasons that forces you for a pack of cigarette like work load. Avoid these. Keep your mouth busy with things like chewing gum.

Keep a miniature of someone who always inspires you to adopt good habits. Think that you are trying to escape smoking for you and for that precious person.

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