Bicycling For Fun and Fitness

by Steve Hudson

Bicycling For Fun and Fitness

Bicycling For Fun and Fitness by Steve Hudson

More and more people are still jumping on the bandwagon of going "biking" for different reasons.

Bicycles are technically defined as a vehicle. It has two wheels, a frame, saddle, pedals and is human-powered. The "bike" as we all call it today, has been integral in the modern history of many cultures all over the world. It is also a symbol of fun, fitness and environment-consciousness today.

There are different types of bicycles that are available out there in the markets today to cater to different people who are engaged in different biking activities. Discussed below are the different kinds of bikes and what they are used for:

-Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are primarily designed for the outdoors. There are a number of different sub-types of mountain bikes such as cross country bikes, downhill bikes and free-ride bikes. They are designed to be sturdy. These bikes have very durable frames, handlebars that are designed to counter the sudden jolts while riding and they usually have more than 20 gears. The most noticeable aspect of a mountain bike is its suspension system. Mountain bikes should make the off-road trip as comfortable as possible; therefore, they use high-quality suspension systems, which uses gas shock, air and spring.

-Utility Bikes

Utility bikes are perhaps the most common type of bike out there today. They are usually plain and simple, but they are very important in function. They are used primarily for running errands, shopping or commuting. More and more people are using them to go about their daily routine because they are fairly convenient to use and requires very minimal maintenance. Utility bikes are made with sturdy, heavy frames and upright handlebars. They usually employ internal hub gearing. These bikes usually have some other accessories that would help the owner do his errands such as a basket in front of the handlebars; however, utility bikes are not meant to be used in more specialized biking activities such as touring and mountain biking.

-Tour Bikes

These bikes, like the mountain bikes, are made to be sturdy. They are used as a main transportation vehicle to tour long distances. Tour bikes should have the capability of holding extra weight for baggage and should have good gearing systems so as to efficiently transfer the energy of the driver for very long trips.

-Racing Bikes

Whats a good thing to do with a bike if youre not into using it in everyday life? Race with it! For those people who would want to experience the sheer sound of the wind rushing against the bareness of their faces, they should try getting a race bike. Of course, race bikes are not for everyone, but what the heck? They are still things of beauty.

Racing bikes are primarily made for speed. Race bikes, unlike the other bikes are made with ultra lightweight frames and are primarily stripped off every accessory to maximize speed. They are usually equipped with a medium range gearing system, which can range from 18 to 30 gears. There are different sub-types of racing bikes such as time trial bikes and track bikes. All race bikes are equipped with a frame that maximizes the aerodynamic capabilities of the machine, therefore maximizing speed as well. Racing bikes are primarily used for racing and nothing more. Most of these bikes dont even have brake systems in them.

Bicycling For Fun and Fitness

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