Breastfeeding Moms and Diabetes

Breastfeeding moms with diabetes are helping their newborn's health. There have been certain studies done that actually prove breastfeeding moms can help their newborn baby to prevent type 1 diabetes. Breastfeeding for at least a 6 month period up to one year sure very positive effects to these children as they grow.

It has been maintained that the nutrients in breast milk which is the colostrum promote a steady growth rate in babies unlike those who have received formulas instead.

Other benefits to nursing your newborn baby help you lose weight from the pregnancy, and this is important for women with diabetes. Women nursing their babies also find it easier to manage their blood glucose levels since they have a remission of some symptoms in nursing their newborns.

Blood sugar monitoring is important during this period of time. You may find out that your sugars are more stable, and therefore the needs for insulin levels lower. The insulin does not get into your child's body. This is simply because it is too big to get into your milk. If you are only on diabetes pills however, you need to be on a medicine that will not get ingested by the baby.

Watching your diet is important while nursing. Snacking is beneficial during this time since you need to keep your blood sugar levels steady. Increasing the amounts of calories you take in is also important for the reasons of your child's nourishment. Drinking a can of Ensure will give you the vitamins and minerals you and the baby need.

Your diet also needs proper balancing. You need at least 30-40% from fruits and vegetables, and also 40-60% from protein sources. Do not forget to include at least 40-60% in carbohydrates especially whole grain sources which are best. Be aware of hypoglycemia. This is why you need to track blood sugars closely over this period. You need to include plenty of legumes in your diet as well. Fluids are equally important as healthy solid foods. You need to stay as healthy as possible with your newborn baby.

After your child is delivered, breastfeeding right away is an important thing to do to avoid a hypoglycemic situation. Nurses many times will take the child away for examinations. But you can insist as a breastfeeding mom that the baby remain with you for nursing purposes, and also getting to know your child.

When you are diabetic, your milk may come in later than nondiabetic women. Sometimes it can take anywhere from three, four days, and as long as two weeks. A breastpump can help this problem and the baby will still receive all of the nutrients from the milk that they need.