Came down with type 2 diabetes.....

by Jane

I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in November 2008. I hadn't been feeling well, was lethargic, thirsty all the time, and had to urinate frequently. I wasn't shocked at the diagnosis, as my mother, and both grandmothers had the disease as well. But, my blood sugar level was extremely high, 472, so that did frighten me, as I know what kind of complications levels that high can cause. My doctor immediately did an AC1 test, which turned up 9.4, with a normal being 5-6. So I knew I had big problems here. She began medication of Glucophage 500mg twice a day, and I had to check my blood sugar every morning. Also, I had to visit a nutritionist, dentist and eye doctor. After two weeks I had to revisit the doctor for another blood check. My blood sugar then was 208, but she wanted it lower still. So, my medication was increased to 1000mg of Glucophage twice a day. Now my results every morning are between 95-112, which is excellent! I feel much better. I have noticed a few complication because of the diabetes, though nothing serious. There's the dry skin, which has caused severe itching. I also don't heal as well. One other thing is that diabetes has caused my sex drive to drop, which has caused some problems in my marriage. But, the doctor is testing medication on me to take care of that, and it seems to be improving. I am working very hard to control my diabetes, my mother died at age 64, after years of insulin, and I really don't want to follow in her footsteps.

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