Carole Williams Story

by A Reporter

" I was grossly overweight. I was tired all the time,"says Carole Williams. Worried about the possibility of developing diabetes, Carole turned to exercise and the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, There she met Maureen Marinelli, who was also nervous about her own blood glucose levels. "Two of my uncles had diabetes and I saw how it changed their lives in a negative fashion. I didn't want that for myself,"says Maureen, a condition affecting some 40 million people, "Most people with pre-diabetes will develop diabetes withing a few years,"says Dr. Osama Hamdy. Through the program, both women learned that a few simple lifestyle changes could help reverse the early warning sings of diabetes. "Ifsomeone loses around seven percent of their initial body weight, their chance of developing diabetes decreases by almost 58 percent,"says Dr. Hamdy.

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