Choose the Right Foods and Exercise for Weight Loss

by Julie

There are only two ways to lose weight: more exercise and eating proper food. The first one is easy – in theory. It might mean switching to walking to work or taking the stairs but anything you can build into your daily routine is a bonus. You should aim to be doing 3 x 30 minute sessions per week in an intensive exercise regime. Here are three exercise motivators: 1. Booking a session with a friend – you will motivate each other 2. Do something you enjoy. It might be going swimming and treating yourself to a steam room session if you get to your goal. Or you might be a music freak and promise yourself a new track for your iPod to run with. I find my Nike+ a great gizmo to motivate me. 3. Set a goal. You’ll be surprised how much of a buzz it gives you to hit it. Make sure they are realistic and achievable but still challenging enough to aim for. The other part to losing weight is monitoring what you eat. Firstly, throw out all those ready made meals. Even the healthy versions hide nasty fats, salts and sugars. Secondly make sure you are eating five fresh fruit and veg a day. Not only will this fill you up, but you’ll notice what you are eating and pay attention to where those hidden calories are creeping in. Drink plenty of water and you will soon be well on your way to dropping a dress size.

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