Confused and Depressed After Diagnosis

by Josh Gorzney
(Plano, ILL)

My name is Josh Gorzney and I live in Plano, Illinois. I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes on September 16, 2007. When I first heard that I had it I was confused and depressed. I asked the question "Why me?" so many times, and wondered if I did anything wrong to get this disease. I had to accept that I had this disease and deal with it. At first, I didn't want to accept that I had this disease. I went on with day-to-day life not controlling it. I finally realized one day after visiting my diabetes nurse that this disease is real, and I need to deal with it. I also realized that I needed to grow old so when I do have kids that I can support them and some day be a grandpa. After I got over this hump I started taking control of it really good. I finally got the pump and my sugars have been pretty steady. My last A1C was a 5.4, and I was super excited. I am a pretty active 18 year old. I play golf and basketball so I experience lows quite often. I get really agitated some times when I am low , and some people say that I act like I am drunk. I kind of want to be an activist for little kids who don't deal with it well. They need to realize the risks for long time damage to their body and to their family. I've been really lucky to have a real supportive family to back me up. They've actually changed their diets to help me feel better about eating those kinds of foods. My mom is now worried about what my sugars are going to do now that I am going to college. I tell her that I am going to be fine because she is only a phone call away if I am in the emergency room. HaHa. That one gets her every time because she is such a worry wart. This is my story and I am proud of it.

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