Diabetes Affected Mom's Mind.

by Jan

This diabetic story is about my mother. My mother is 64 years old and she has been a diabetic for more than 12 years. She never used to follow strict diabetic diet and she was carrying her life like that with some diabetic medicines. But life has changed upside down for her and for our entire family now. For the past 3 years she is suffering from Alzheimer's disease and her conditon became very bad day by day. She is taking 4 higher doses of insulin everyday along with the alzheimer drugs. But nothing improved her condition. Few days back, after losing all our hope in allopathic treatment, we sought the help of Ayurvedic medicine. To our surprise the ayurvedic doctor told us that the main reason for this disease is diabetes. He said that diabetics slowly starts affecting the weaker cells and in my mother case it has affected her brain cells resulting in loss of memory. Diabetes is definitely a killer disease and take all step to keep this under control. Now with proper diet we have reduced the dosage of insulin and we are praying that her conditon should become better.

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