Diabetes Has Caused Me Many Problems!

by Lisa

I was diagnosed with diabetes in 1999 when I went to an eye doctor to have my eyes checked. Before this I had no idea that I had sugar. My vision was blurred and the eye doctor said there was blood behind my eyes probably due to diabetes. He referred me to a specialist who confirmed his opinion. I was informed that my vision lost would be permanant and it would get progressively worse. I went through many rounds of laser surgery on my eyes that allowed me to keep my vision longer but I am now legally blind. This is not the only thing diabetes has caused me. In 2006 my kidneys were failing to the point where I had to begin taking dialysis. This was also caused by my diabetes. I am now going to dialysis three times a week for four hours at a time. When people think of all the bad diseases out there diabetes is often overlooked, however it has a powerful impact on the people that it afflicts. This disease has drastically changed my quality of life. I can no longer plan vacations or even getaways without changing my dialysis schedule, and going through life with vision that puts everything you see in a fog can be very depressing. The love that my family has showed me makes it less painful but there are daily reminders of my disease.

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