Diabetes Has Followed Me For Some Time Now......

by Diane Miller
(Lawrenceville, GA)

As for sharing my story, mine is very simple and boring...nothing that would be too interesting to read, I'm afraid. I was borderline for many years, having had signs of high BS during pregnancies. No gestational diabetes ever diagnosed to my knowledge. Years later the doctors deemed me borderline, so I was supposed to watch my diet, etc. Years later they actually diagnosed me with Type 2 and began low dosages of meds, which worked for a few years. Just during the past year I had a problem with high readings, so went on low dosage of Lantus. When I am diligent about watching my diet, my BS is controlled. I do slip occasionally, and I know beforehand that it will show in my tests.

The last half of this year I went through a spell where I just got sick and tired of testing and worrying about what I ate, and that lasted for several months. My October A1c
certainly showed the effects - 9.2! Never that high before. Even though I admitted my pattern over the past few months, my MD stopped "suggesting" that I begin seeing an endocrinologist and this time insisted. I also confessed to him my lax attitude over several months, so he has given me the Novolog pen to use when needed. After that high A1c, however, I got back "on the wagon" and have been having good readings again. Have only used the Novolog pen a few times during the holidays. It is nice to know I have it to use, but am doing all I can to behave and not need it. I really like the endo I'm seeing and am happy that I did finally go.

By the way, diabetes is rampant in my family, so I knew long ago that I would eventually have to deal with it.

I have always been blessed with very good health. I USED to be good about exercising, but have become worse over the past few years. I do walk several times a day and am very active in general...on the go constantly.

Like most folks, I have had times in my life over the years when the stress was "out the roof", and this obviously played havoc with my BS. I resisted taking any sort of anti-anxiety medication for years, although I probably should have had it. I have always felt that people rely on those type meds far too much - that doctors prescribe them far too often -that I should be able to rise above the stress and handle it myself. I finally let the doctor prescribe the minimum dosage of Lexapro, which, according to him is not addictive and is for anti-anxiety and not so much for depression. The results have been wonderful. Once I made it through the tough times, I cut myself back to 1 every other day. I find my moods and my stress level are much improved, and I have slept so much better after quite a period of terrible sleep patterns which were very frustrating and exhausting.

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