Diabetes is NOT a big deal

by Romintek
(Dallas, TX)

I have been a diabetic for over 38 years. I was diagnosed when I was 8 years old. I thought it was the worst thing ever and was the end of the world. But I grew up and learned to take care of myself. When I was a kid I would skip my insulin shots until I could no longer stand up and then would end up in the hospital. Thank god I grew up and learned that it wasn't that big of a deal. Then in 1999 I went on a pump. I now no longer have to take multiple shots per day. Now I only have to change my pump needle every 2 or 3 days. I can bolus for the carbs I eat and life seems much better.

But shortly after going on my pump I was diagnosed with multilple sclerosis. That one made diabetes look like nothing. Before I was dx'd every doctor wanted to blame the symptoms I was having on the diabetes. But my endocrinologist said it couldn't be the diabetes, my control was too tight. Both illnesses are auto-immune diseases but the MS seems to be the worst in my opinion.

With my pump I can handle being a diabetic. I would give anything to just have the one illness to deal with. But some things we don't get to choose so I have no choice but to live with both. But my opinion is don't complain about the diabetes...it could always get worse. Diabetes is manageable if you just take care of yourself. With MS even if you take care of yourself it can smack you down and run you over.

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