Diabetes is Part of Our Family.

by Tracy

Hi, my name is Tracy, I myself do not have Diabetes. My husband was diagnosed at the age of 16 months he is now 36 and is doing great. When I became pregnant with my oldest son Michael, I asked what the chances were that my son would also develop type 1. At that time they didn't believe that it was passed down that easy, so I was told that there wasn't a real big chance. When Michael was three, we had our youngest son Owen. For about another year and a half, everything was great. But on the 5th of May 2008, our lives became out of control. Michael started showing the signs ( which we all know well). So I used my husband's meter, and got the dreaded "HI" and I just went crazy, But god bless my son from the time he was admitted to the hospital till he was released he didn't cry once. I was so proud. Soon after he was discharged we had Owen tested through TRIALNET which showed a positive antibody and while we were waiting for the confirming test he also started showing the same signs as his brother. So I tested Owen another "HI" so it was off to Children's Hospital we went. With him it was not so easy he was so young he didn't understand. Our boys are now 4 and almost 2 and Michael starts on the OmniPod this Monday, Owen has a couple more months left but we can't wait. We have a very stressful life with so much sweetness in our family but everyone is there to support each other.

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