Diabetes Makes Life Difficult!

by Nancy

Diabetes has complicated my life in more ways than one. The complications I have include tingling feet when I haven't moved in a while and upon waking in the morning. My doctor told me this was caused by poor circulation as a result of having diabetes. It feels like pins and needles and is very painful. Additionally, my eyesight has suffered. I now have to wear glasses. When my blood sugar spikes my vision is even worse. That makes it hard to get my prescription perfect so I have to be careful to have my blood sugar as normal as possible when getting an eye exam. I also have to have eye exams more often. Taking Metformin for diabetes has also hindered my weight loss. My doctor told me that if I was a non-diabetic I would actually lose weight on Metformin. Even though diabetics can benefit from weight loss, losing weight while being a diabetic is very difficult. I was also taking Avandia which worked very well for controlling my blood sugar, then my doctor told me that some people have had heart attacks while taking Avandia, so I had to stop taking it. Aside from these complications, diabetes is an expensive disease. I have doctor bills, medicine costs, eye wear costs, and the time it takes off from work to attend to those things. My diet is also restricted and my life insurance rates are triple what a normal person pays. There are not only physical complications, but also financial complications for diabetics.

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