Diabetes Took Away Some of My Fingers and Toes Too....

by Barbara

Complications of Diabetes: I have diabetes for more than ten years. I was taking regular medicines for diabetes but not a regular treatment. I used to test for diabetes level in my blood very rarely. Three years ago I stepped over a sharp stone which tore my foot. It was just like a small wound that time. But later I was unable to walk and that wound affected my nerves too. I was admitted in hospital and underwent a minor surgery. I was okay then, and I started walking as usual. After three years that is at present I found that there was no blood circulation in one of my fingers or foot. When I consulted a doctor he said the cells in fingers are dead and the finger must be removed. We removed that particular finger which became black. After two days we found that the next finger too had no blood circulation and that too was removed. Finally all the five toes of my foot were removed and now I find it difficult even to stand. The reason for all these complications is Diabetes. Once we get diabetes even a smaller wound takes much time to recover. So people who have diabetes take care of yourself. Steps to control Diabetes: 1. Check for the diabetes level regularly. 2. Have necessary tablets are injections always in hand. 3. Consult doctors regularly. 4. Do not have too much food.

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