Diet, Exercise, and 1 Pill a Day

by Carla

I was diagnosed with TYPE II Diabetes approximately 7 years ago. Fortunately, it was caught early enough that I've only had to take 1 pill a day (Actos) but I am ever so careful with what I eat. More than my diet, however, at this stage, I find that keeping my exercise program intact is the NO. 1 thing that keeps my A1C below 6.9...that's where I started. I am and have been at 6.3 for over a year now. I started working out at CURVES every day about 2 years ago. Our local CURVES closed; however, through our Public Health representative, I found out that they have a grant for diabetics to use the Physical Fitness Center (free) as well as the Aerobic Swim Classes. The only stipulation is that we attend a monthly meeting - support group for diabetics. I have found that once a month is not asking very much of my time when they are giving me my life! If you have diabetes, please find a support group. You may not think you need them, but turn it around, maybe they need you!

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Apr 21, 2009
My Diabetes is Well Under Control
by: Anonymous

I have type two diabetes, I have never really been sick from it. It was discovered while taking a wellness test at my place of work. My glucose level at that time was 300. I was advised to see my doctor, who declared that I was healthy, no affects from the diabetes, but I was "too sweet". I have been on oral medication ever since then, which has been about twenty years. It has not gotten any worse and I have never been on insulin. I was very lucky that it was caught at such an early stage. I have some problems, such as numbness in my legs. I am tested every three months by the doctor, and test my glucose level at home regularly. My sister also has diabetes, hers was not caught early, and she is legally blind because of this. Anyone who has a history of diabetes in the family needs to be tested very early and regularly.

Apr 01, 2009
This Isn't easy
by: Dave

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 6 months ago. I am about 100 lbs over weight. The doctors told me that I need to lose weight to help maintain my blood sugar. The doctors prescribed me medication to help keep my blood sugar low, but advised me that the medication would slow down my metabolism to lose weight. I really wish there was a cure for diabetes.

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