Eat Less and Exercise More

by Judy

I have tried many weight loss plans. Although, you may not want to hear this, the best way I've lost weight is to eat less and exercise more. I start off with the easy part; I cut out ALL fast food instantly. Not only does my body instantly start to feel better, my wallet does too! You save so much money this way. The next thing I do is slowly allow myself to be active. I'll run around with the dogs, dance to a couple of my favorite songs, or go for a walk. The next thing I do is purchase One A Day's weight smart pills. I take one every morning with a glass of milk or juice. I cut out soda (except rewarding myself with a diet soda on occasion.) and I drink water throughout the day. Too much juice becomes sugary and will rack up pounds again. Once my body becomes use this change, I crank it up a notch. I change my eating habits, and I start by working out once a day everyday, then twice a day everyday. After awhile, I'll cut it down to working out twice a day 3-4 times a week. I know it's hard right now because of the weather, but on nice days you can start the process just by parking further away in a parking lot. This forces you to walk a little longer. Good luck, and remember, do NOT starve yourself! Fad diets will never work.

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