Fighting Gum Disease With the Hydrofloss

by David Snape

by David Snape

Have you ever attempted to remove a screw without a screwdriver? Maybe you have tried to collect leaves without a rake or change a car's tire with a less-than-adequate jack? Without the right tools, it can be really hard to get a job done properly and efficiently. It might even be impossible to do the job at all.

When it comes to oral health and fighting gum disease, the same concept applies. Manually brushing and flossing are not always potent enough for preventing gum disease and are perhaps even less sufficient for stopping an existing case. However, brushing and flossing can help and are still very important for oral health.

I was told at my dentist's office that I had lost some of the bone structure supporting my teeth due to moderate gum disease. This was shocking to me because I didn't know I had gum disease in the first place.

Like many people, I thought that it was no big deal if my gums bled slightly when brushing or flossing. I was certainly wrong about that. Bleeding gums, even a little bit, is a prime sign of gum disease.

I was told that I needed a special treatment. They wanted to dig under my gums to get rid of built up tartar and plaque. That sounded both painful and expensive to me. Worse, they wanted to start immediately.

There wasn't much time to think. I decided that I would hold off on the treatment and do a little research on my own. One of the major dangers of having gum disease is that you can lose your teeth. Therefore, I was highly motivated to find answers that made sense to me.

In the process of my research, I stumbled across the hydrofloss. I decided to get one and see what kind of results I could obtain. I found that the the hydrofloss is a wonderful tool for cleaning around the neck of the teeth where the gumline is.

Using the hydrofloss was a major step towards progress. Yet, on it's own it didn't seem like it was enough to completely change the health of my gum tissue. So I added another item to the mix.

Between these two tools, I have found a method that allowed me to stop the progression of gum disease and prevent its return. The proof of that was that when I returned to the dentist's office. I was told that I no longer needed the 'root scaling and planing'. The tarter build up was no longer below the gum line.

On subsequent visits it was clear that my gum tissue was getting healthier and healthier. I don't have bleeding anymore even when the hygienist used a metal probe to check the health of my gums.

You could say that I am absolutely delighted at the results! I was so excited by the outcome that I decided to create the Gingivitis Killer website. I don't make any guarantees about results because everyone is truly different. However, I do feel good about sharing the exact steps that I utilized to restore the health of my gums.

If you have or think you might have gum disease or gingivitis, you should visit your dentist for diagnosis and treatment.

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David Snape writes for the website. You may read about the cost savings of the hydrofloss there.

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