Finding an Easy Way To Quit Smoking - Some Options

by Davion W.

Finding an Easy Way To Quit Smoking - Some Options

by Davion W

An effective and easy way to quit smoking might seem too good to be true. Well, no way of quitting is a piece of cake. There are plans and techniques that you can follow that will make it less of a mountain to struggle over, though.

The first thing you have to do is to identify the reasons why you smoke. Learn to recognize the triggers. Do you smoke when you are angry? When you are nervous? Is there any particular food that you associate cigarettes with? Do you have friends who smoke? Once you identify your triggers, you will know what to avoid and this is the first step in the easy way to quit smoking.

The second thing you need to do is find somebody who will quit with you. Misery does love company. You will have cravings, and what you need the most is somebody who is going through the same experience. You can know that the other person understands what you are going through, and you will have the responsibility of helping your friend through the experience, as well. This is a very useful psychological tool in the easy way to quit smoking. Being part of a support group also helps big way.

Many people prefer to stop smoking without any aids, but using aids is a relatively easy way to stop smoking. You can get nicotine patches or nasal sprays over the counter, or see you doctor and ask him to prescribe you the non-nicotine pill, which is reported to have some success rate.

Hypnosis is another popular and easy way to quit smoking. This is called hypnotherapy. The therapist will make sure that your mind and body are completely relaxed, which is when you are the most receptive to ideas and suggestions, and make repeated suggestions that will help you quit. This does not involve controlling you in any way and is safe. You can even find hypnosis CDs.

Tell your friends and family. There is nothing like support and encouragement from your loved ones to help you quit. Choose people you are close to, who will not judge or criticize you. You need to have somebody to talk to every time the craving strikes.

Have an exercise regime. Quitting can cause weight gain, and exercise will strengthen your mind and body. Go for walks either with your quitting buddy or with other people you are very close to.

Most of all, remember to set realistic short term goals to work towards, and reward yourself when you reach each stop. Each individual is different. The easy way to quit smoking for you is to find which combination works best for you, and to remember to never give up.

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