Foot Care Tips for People with Diabetes

People with diabetes need daily care of their feet in order to prevent future problems from occurring. Here is a list of things you should keep in mind with diabetes:

1. If you have leg pain that occurs when you are walking or doing any activity, seek your doctor's advice. Loss of hair on the toes and lower legs along with pain and skin that feels tight can signify problems such as peripheral vascular disease.

2. If you notice foot ulcers or ulcers on the leg, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. The longer an foot ulcer is left unattended, the worse the situation will become, leading into an amputation.

3. Don't use topical treatments on your foot or leg ulcer such as peroxide, acetic acid, or iodine. Doing this can make the ulcer appear much worse and cause problems.

4. Use caution when you trim your toenails. You need to clip them straight across following the natural curve of your toe. Never dig toenails on the sides as this is an invitation for getting an infection.

5. At your check-ups, your doctor should regularly inspect your feet for signs of any abnormalities which include nerve damage.

6. Corns and calluses on the feet need to be examined by your doctor, (podiatrist.) Having your podiatrist trim your toenails properly is a good idea when you go.

7. Ingrown toenails? Do NOT purchase any over-the-counter ingrown toenail removers. Should you be having an ingrown toenail problem, consult with your podiatrist. Toenails that swell, and appear inflamed, and are draining need to be treated immediately.

8. Watch for the use of foot soaks. Some of these foot soaks can prove to cause a drying effect for your skin. Dry skin can cause cracking, inviting more infection.

9. If you like to get a pedicure now and then, fine, but do so with caution. Be sure that the salon you are visiting has clean tools which they are using. The basins where you soak your feet should also be clean.

10. Using a moisturizing lotion on your feet daily can help your feet a great deal. However, do not rub the lotion in between your toes since skin in between toes is usually moist anyway.

11. Always wear properly fitting shoes on your feet! Avoid shoes that are too tight or too loose fitting. Wearing ill-fitting shoewear is asking for trouble with the development of a foot ulcer.

12. Try to avoid smoking as a person with diabetes. Smoking increases the risk of foot problems in a diabetic.