by Tina M
(Attleboro Ma USA)

I was so tired. Tired enough to start taking otc diet pills to stay awake. My doctor said I was depressed and gave me meds for that.
I continued to complain about the thirst and exhaustion but still she said depression and offered me different meds. I contributed my thirst on the meds the good doctor was giving me. I could drink one large glass of water after another. This went on for three months.
Finally changed doctors as she would not refer me to a rheumatologist (wish there was a spell check here), as I knew I had Fibromyalgia. Had to wait almost two months to see this doctor, as he is the only one in this area. Finally got to see him and told him my story. Yes, I did have Fibromyalgia and he did a series of blood tests on me.
Later that evening, my husband and I were on the computers when the phone rang. It was the Rheumatoligist.
He said whatever it was and told me that I needed to either go to the ER or see my Primary Doctor the next day. He told me I had Diabetes and my bs was 537. We or rather he talked for a long time and I cannot tell you what he talked about except to get to a doctor as quick as I could. He asked me to promise that I would...I did and when we hung up...I looked at my husband and said "Diabetes". Bless his heart, he held me for about an hour while I cried. He told me over and over that Diabetes was the one disease that can be controlled. We talked about how and why I missed the symptoms...thirst, exhaustion...we both knew them, but we missed the message. Blamed my thirst on the meds and my exhaustion on the fibro.
But you know what, he was right. Diabetes can be controlled.....Make sure you tell all who will listen about the symptoms and encourage them to have their blood sugar checked on their next doctor's appointment. You might just be saving their life.

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