Grilled Lamb Chops

by Jen

Serves 4 people

2 frenched lamb racks, about 1 1/2 lbs., trimmed of fat

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp minced garlic

1/2 tsp salt

Pinch fresh ground pepper

2 sprigs fresh rosemary (about 1 inch each)

1. Cut each lamb rack into 4 pieces with 2 bones, leaving each bone with an equal amount of meat.

2. Combine olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and rosemary. Fully coat lamb ribs and marinate for 2 hours in the refrigerator.

3. Preheat the grill and cook the chops over even heat. Flip chops over to cook both sides. Use a meat thermometer to check when the racks are done to your liking.

Nutritional facts:

1 lamb piece

190 calories

90 calories from fat

10 grams total fat

3 grams saturated fat

70 mg cholesterol

350 mg sodium

1 gram carbohydrate

0 grams dietary fiber

o grams sugars

22 grams protein

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