Had Diabetes for Ten Years

by Allison

I have had diabetes for past 10 years, I am now 65 , so it was around the age of 55 that I realized I am diabetic. The symptom was the fact that I constantly felt tired. Being a fortunate woman I was greatly cared for, and gradually learned to live with the disease. I was alright, yet not okay.But a miraculous change has come now, since last 4 months, ever since I have come here to Phoenix and am staying with my son and Daughter-in-law. The thing is I am feeling much more energetic and the diabetes which used to stick at 150 has started coming down on its own.The only two reasons I can think of are , no. one that now I am living with my children whereas in India I was living alone, so a lot of satisfaction is there. secondly, I have to do a lot of physical work which I have never done in life before. In India we get help easily and hence the comforts make us lethargic. I will advice anyone with the problem to just get into physical work and you will be alright as I am now.

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