Had Type 2 Diabetes For 3 Years

by Abhishek Viuli

My name is Abhishek Viuli. I am suffering from diabetes from the past 3 years. The best way to control diabetes is diet control and that is exactly what I follow. I start my day with light breakfast which includes a few sugar free biscuits and Tea(sugarless),before leaving for the office I prefer eating bread and milk with protein powder which provides me strength without introducing carbohydrates in my body. I prefer taking a light lunch comprising of vegetable salad. In the evening I make sure that I eat something before I leave homeward from the office which avoids too much of a gap between meals and reduces chances of a sudden dip in the sugar level in my body.. I take a very light dinner, preferably some vegetables that my maid cooks for me and pulses to compliment the vegetables. I go for a walk after dinner as it help’s in digestion and also does not allow Fat Accumulation in the body. The key to staying fit even with diabetes is doing Physical Work ,keeping a check on eating habits ie, eat less carbohydrates and more of proteins. I also don’t eat too much at once and instead eat at regular intervals as suggested by my doctor and last but not the least I make sure that I take my medicines on time.

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