Having Diabetes Wears Me Out

by Elizabeth

I have type 2 diabetes. I received this diagnosis when I was 42. I was in the hospital and had an enlarged heart and also pernicious anemia. Lupus was suspected. In a way diabetes seemed the least of my problems. Having had a son diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 8 years before that I did have experience with him.with this condition. I immediately lost weight and started taking medicine called Metformin. I need to remind myself that it is a serious disease in itself. I am reminded of this in one way by people on T.V. commercials. The person talks about when he/she first found out they were type 2 alone without other conditions. It is a big deal that requires constant care. It seems stress and fatigue do affect it but most of all diet. I can no longer just go without any limits. I have to take the time for myself and learn how to say no. I have never been good at this but physically I feel depleted faster and it reminds me of my limits. In a way it can be a blessing to figure out what is important to me. I have also become more assertive in advocating for myself. I have good medical care but I must take charge of my own health. Sometimes what works for me is a little different than what the doctors want to do. Antidepressants are a hard reality to consider. Already tired from the lupus and diabetes and the meds, I fight feeling low and seek therapy on a regular basis. It feels like I am on too many meds and it is a struggle in my mind with no easy solution. Day by day is the best idea and this is met with equal parts relief and impatience.

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