Hemo Dialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis for Kidney Patients

by Harinder Johal

Author: Harinder Johal

Different Type of Dialysis :

Hemo dialysis and Peritoneal dialysis

Lets talk about two different sort of dialysis one by one.

What is hemo Dialysis and how it works?

In this type dialysis the blood goes through a semipermeable membrane when it is pumped to the blood compartment of the dialyzer. The dialysis machine is set up so that the blood and dialysis solution flows in opposite directions. Once the blood flows through the semipermeable membrane it is then cleaned and returns back to you body. Sometimes, instead of the 3 times a week dialysis schedule they have you come in for only 2-3 hours but more often.

Second type of dialysis is known as"Peritoneal dialysis". In this type dialysis the dialysate is of glucose and minerals and is run through your stomach area. The dialysate is then left to clean your body of waste and pollutants and then drained and thrown away. The nice part of this treatment is that it is done at home and can even be done when your traveling. This treatment doesn't do quite as good as hemodialysis but because it is done more often during the day the methods of cleansing your body becomes about the same

These are the two methods to cleans the blood from pollutants and to help remove fluid.

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