I Am A Weight Watcher Person

by Charlene

Weight Watchers was the diet for me. The thing that drew me to weight watchers was that you could make your own food. You did not have to buy someone's food and cook it. I was also able to eat whatever I wanted as a long as a stayed within my points. It also taught me how to weigh my food before eating it. Which if I was on another diet, the food would have been already weighed out for me. The reason I went on a diet was I was overweight and could not take it anymore. I needed a change and I knew it had to be a change for a long time. So after looking around at all the different diets, I realized this was the diet that fit me the best. On this diet, it really made you see what you are eating. And how bad it was for you and for some foods how good it was to eat. This diet is really no longer a diet to me. It has become a part of my everyday life. It has taught me to eat the things that I want. But I need to watch how much I am eating of it, and to add in some health foods with it.

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