I Didn't Realize I Had Type 2 Diabetes

by Haleigh

I am writing this just to make people aware they need to get tested if diabetes runs in their family. As you all may know you can get Diabetes from the genetic history of your family.Well, diabetes runs in my family. In fact, my father died of diabetes at the age of 47 when he was at the peek of his career! The reason being, he was never careful with the food he ate. My mom used to tell me that he ate lot of sweets outside home without her knowledge. About three years back we planned a trip as an outdoor activity to pick blueberries in our area. Our neighbors offered to take us with them as we were still in the process of exploring new places. We had a wonderful time picking fresh blueberries. After returning home, both my husband and myself started scratching our bodies as it was itching terribly. I thought it might have been some insect bite to turn allergic ending in itching. We went to see our family doctor when we could no longer bear the itching sensation. Our doctor arranged for our blood test and to my surprise, it was found that I had Type 2 diabetes. I thanked God for making me aware of this condition as otherwise I would not have known what I had. I had no other symptoms at all! There are many people who have diabetes but are not aware that they have it. From the time I found out about this condition, I started taking 2 tablets as per our doctor?s advice to control my Type 2 diabetes. This year due to stress with my job, my sugar level increased a bit and hence I have been taking two more tablets everyday. I feel quite strong and energetic as ever! I am doing a full time job, a very challenging one but I am doing fine with all the treatment that I have been taking. Of course, I am very careful with my diet. I prefer low carbohydrate diet and eat lots of fruits and vegetables, especially oranges that are my favorites. My weight has been steady from the time I started treatment. I have neither gained nor lost. I feel great! I have learned to manage diabetes. I will not let diabetes manage me! Hope people who have a family history of diabetes will take the message and go for a speedy blood test. Wishing you the best of health.

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