I Had An Unquenchable Thirst

by Dawn

Last May, my husband and I were in Las Vegas on vacation, when I developed an unquenchable thirst. At first, I thought it was because of the hot weather, but when We got home and I still had it, and I also noticed that I had lost a few pounds, I decided to go see my doctor. Sure enough, my blood sugar count was 350 and my A1C was 10.7. She said that I had full blown Type 2 Diabetes. As she put it, "your pancreas just got old and does not produce enough insulin anymore". Having always been very healthy, I was shocked! However, I am a very "take charge" type of person and I immediately set out to learn everything about my new disease. I went to diabetes education class and I started taking Metformin. Now, 9 months after my diagnosis, I have lost 20 pounds, my eyesight is better and my A1C is 6.9. I still miss eating desserts and pasta (I am Italian) but I do want to live a long life, ( I am 59 years old) so I am learning to live with Diabetes. There are worst diseases to have!

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May 03, 2009
The Worst Enemy of Man
by: Anonymous

The very worst enemy of a man is diabetes. Yes I am caught by this enemy one year back. one day suddenly I was fainted with swirling motion and had fallen to the ground. Later my physician told me that I have diabetes. My thirst got increased day by day and the worst part is that often urination, Often urinating is a difficult process as I have to suffer a lot while traveling. That too if I happened to travel in a bus then it will be the worst part of the day than any other thing in my life. Next comes to diet control as I have a great love for sweets and now they have all gone away .

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