I Had Gestational Diabetes With My Son Thomas

by Dawn

I just gave birth almost 5 months ago this February 2nd 2009. My son's name is Thomas. We named him after my husband's father. I took the glucose test, and to my knowledge I had gestational diabetes. I was very upset and I thought all about a big baby and how in the world will I deliver a big child my first time? So they had me come back and test again. The second time confirmed the first time. I had to drink this nasty sugar water and it was orange flavor. Having that on your stomach earlier in the morning is no joke at all. I remember Thomas moving all around. I guess he was hyper due to the glucose water drink. My doctor informed me that if I do not watch my diet and walk, I would have a very large baby and I would have complications during my delivery. I was fortunate, I did not have to take insulin shots, I just maintained my diet and walked. My numbers were usually good. But sometimes, I had to sneak in a cookie or two. My diabetes did in fact go away after I had my baby. But, diabetes runs in my family, so I have to continue to watch what I eat.

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Apr 03, 2009
Controlling My Diabetes After Birth
by: Anonymous

Well, I found out I had diabetes when I was pregnant, which is called gestational diabetes. They informed me that it is likely to come back after I give birth because I had it before. So after I gave birth to my first child, I went to the doctor and I had to take the test, get my fingers pricked, and sure enough I was diabetic. I was so upset and sad. I know so many of my family members died due to diabetes. I'm very health now, I take good care of my body and what I take in, so much so that my number are very good. I just watch what I eat and I do not have to take any insulin. I'm very happy about that.

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