I have issues with both legs from the knees down. The problem

by Ken

started last September 2009. It seems the problems started rapidly affecting just my right leg first. As time went on (about a month) the left leg started having the same issues. I had shins that got hard, red, and very tinder to the touch. Then there was the feet swelling, tingling, and burning sensations. I went to my Dr. and was told it was pheripheral neuropathy and there is no real cure. He prescribed Cymbalta and Amitriiptiline. They have helped some just not enough.

By the end of November people were not sure how much longer I had. That how bad I looked. Walking was a total chore, I finally had to get a state handicap plaquered for my vehicle.

Today I am walking better, buit all the symptons still rear their ugly head. Does anybody have any suggestions? If so, please e-mail @letsplay_66801@yahoo.com


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