I Lose Weight the Involved Way.

by Cindi

I have tried many methods of losing weight. The one that has worked best for me is, unfortunately, the hardest. I do cardiovascular exercise four to five times a week for at least twenty minutes each time, with occasional strength training. I write down everything I eat so that I’m less likely to eat too much junk. Most importantly, I treat myself to something unhealthy occasionally so I don’t feel restricted. As a result, I lose weight consistently, stay healthy, and don’t feel like I’m limiting myself too much. Several years ago I was a vegan and consumed no animal products (dairy, eggs, meat, etc.). I lost quite a bit of weight from that, as well, but it was a difficult lifestyle for me to maintain. Overall, I find that the methods that involve baby-steps and a lifestyle goal rather than a diet can be most successful for people, as they can continue throughout one’s life. My current plan involves burning approximately 1100 calories per week through exercise and eating under 1800 calories each day. I lose an average of 1-2 pounds each week, which is what is recommended for most people. Good luck – the weight loss journey is a difficult one, but you’re not alone.

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