I Was 30 Years Old With the First Child.

by Danielle

I tested positive for gestational diabetes with my first child. Overall I was in good health, got regular exercise and did not have any other general health or pregnancy issues. At the time I was 30 years old, and I am of Chinese ethnicity with no family history of diabetes. I was very surprised with the diagnosis and was quite upset over it. Fortunately, my midwife helped me take it all in stride. After visiting with a nutritionist, I changed my eating habits and deliberately sought out opportunities to walk and swim. I cut out extraneous sweets, no desserts (!) and carbs (white flour) and added more fruits and vegetables and high fiber carbs. I had to use a portable blood sugar monitor first thing in the morning, and after every meal. The numbers were sent to my nutritionist on a weekly basis. They also helped me to identify food items that contain higher amounts of sugar than I had thought. Between the diet and exercise, I kept the gestational diabetes in check, and I went on to deliver a healthy baby. After the birth, I requested my husband to bring me a donut! Since then, I have not developed diabetes. During my 2nd pregnancy, I had to take the 2nd 3 hours sugar test, but got a normal result and had a regular pregnancy.

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