In Favor of Weight Watchers

by Mae

Although I do not have diabetes, I do suffer from Hypothyroidism, in which my thyroid gland produces less Thyroxin normally than I would need to survive, and so I have to take Synthroid every day and this condition negatively impacts my metabolism, and makes it slower as I age. I am now thirty five years old, and have gone through childbirth twice. Although I have been slender most of my life, two pregnancies took their toll on my body, and I am now overweight, although not obese. I have found that weight watchers has been the most effective tool for me in losing weight naturally while not making me feel like I am depriving myself of food. Weight watchers works on points, giving a certain amount of points to a person per day, and what you eat takes off points from you each day. When you eat something, you have to erase the points from that food from your daily total, and that balance is what you have left. It promotes healthy eating without starving yourself. I also work out with a personal trainer twice a week for an hour each time. We start with ten minutes of cardio, usually on the bike, and then depending on whether it is Wednesday, or Saturday, we switch off on lower body excercises versus upper body excercises. He also gives me excercises to do at home during the week to help build muscle mass and to get my body used to doing those excercises to increase stamina during my workouts with him. I have been working out with my trainer, Tony for four months now, and have lost twenty eight pounds. I have kept off the nearly thirty pounds I have lost, and am now at 170 lb. Tony estimates that it will take me four to five more months to reach my goal weight of 135. My doctor says he does not want me to go below 135 lb because of my body type.

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