I've Done About Every Plan There Is.

by Sherry

Over the years I tried every weight loss plan imaginable - single food diets (eat nothing but apples, nothing but grapefruit, nothing but eggs, etc.); single food group diets (eat nothing but protein, nothing but fat, nothing but protein and fat, etc.); all liquid diets; liquid protein diets; slim-fast -- pick a weight loss plan, a diet, and I tried it. I lost HUNDREDS of pounds over the years. I went to OA, Weight Watchers and TOPS. I considered having my jaw wired shut until I had a girlfriend of mine had hers wired shut because of an accident, and she managed to smash up and suck taco meat, beans, rice and mexi-fries through a STRAW! I lost all that weight, all those times, and I gained the weight back. Plus more pounds on top of the ones I'd lost. Diabetes didn't drive me to dieting or exercising or walking or anything like that -- but I knew diabetes was out there, waiting for me to reach that "magic age" like the other women in my family history. My mother didn't develop diabetes until the year she turned 60. Her mom and her aunt (her mom's sister) didn't develop diabetes until THEY were in their 60s. They were all, all about "adult onset diabetes." And here I was, overweight, out of control and headed to a diabetic lifestyle for myself. Then in 2003 my daughter, who was also overweight, explored the option of and finally got certified for weight loss surgery. She opted for a laparoscopic gastric bypass (rather than a lap band). She almost died. But God brought her through, and she lost over 125 pounds, and within a couple of years she got pregnant, had a healthy baby boy, and is for the first time in her life, comfortable being thin. Last year I underwent the same surgery, and I too have lost over 120 pounds. I am still in the "I don't really believe this has happened" stage, and I have many, many days when I am afraid I'm going to wake up and be over 350 pounds again. But it hasn't happened, and I'm comfortable, and I'm healthy, and I'm confident I will be able to hold diabetes at bay.

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