ive had pcos for 6 years and it kicks my butt

by Brandy
(seattle wa usa)

I am 21 years old, and started having cysts at 15 although I wasn't diagnosed until 3 surgeries later and God knows how many emergency room visits. I struggle with it regularly. I have miscarried twice, and only have a period every 4 months (if I'm lucky!) not only that but birth control causes my cysts to grow and rupture time and time again. sooo I was put on medicine for my thyroid although I'm sure I'm getting diabetes from the changes in my body. I have to go in and get tested this month. I get light brown spots along my tummy and my arms and my thighs are dark.I also get a bit of facial hair and hair on my breasts from time to time. My fiance knows all my issues with pcos and we are working on conceiving although it proves to be hard. I started taking Fertil-aid and the first month I had my period but the 2nd I haven't yet and I'm over a week late but I started spotting 2 days ago. I am hoping it will regulate my period. If your trying to conceive, I send hopeful thoughts and baby wishes your way. I could use all the ones I can get. It's hard living with pcos, I know but trust me.... it gets easier. I notice it a lot less now than I used to....and diabetes I expect to get me and when it does... I'll deal with that. It's life. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger right girls? Best wishes hunnys!

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