Januvia is the latest oral diabetes pill that can treat type 2 diabetics. The generic name is Sitagliptin, and the drug is made by Merck & Co. The workings of the drug:

This drug is known as DPP-4 Inhibitors. DPP-4 is actually an enzyme you have that breaks down your incretin hormones. Since Januvia is a DPP-4 inhibitor type of pill, it will make the incretin hormones slow down and increase the breakdown of hormones. Since these incretin type hormones increase, therefore your own natural insulin productions increases. The result is a glucose lowering effect. This helps the liver to more properly work with your glucose as well also.

Since those incretin hormones are the ones that respond more to high blood sugar levels, and don't respond to hypoglycemia, (low blood sugar), the chances of the sugars going low are rare.

What effects the drug should have

This drug has been known to lower the A1C values little by little the longer it is taken. For more on A1C look at this article. The more normalized the A1C value, the less likely you will have complications from diabetes.

This drug has also been known to lower the blood sugar levels by at least 14-15 mg on average. Postmeal blood sugars can decrease by as much as 49 mg or maybe as much as 55 mg.

Taking the dose

Sitaglitapin comes in tablet forms. The usual dosage is once per day. You can take it without food or with a meal. It may upset your stomach if it is empty. So it may be best with a meal.

As with many drugs, take the pill at the same time each day and don't switch around. That way it will help you to maintain an even blood sugar level.

Also as with many drugs, NEVER stop taking it without the consent of your doctor. You must be under a doctor's continual care.

Your dosage of this pill will all depend on how well your diabetes is controlled. Your doctor treating you should have records of all other pills you are taking.

Side effects

The common side effects with Januvia can be:

Respiratory infections such as frequent colds

Sore throats

A headache


Sitagliptin may aggravate kidney problems if you alreay have them.

Allergies, including food allergies, dyes, or preservatives might cause a problem with this drug.

Pregnant or breastfeeding do not mix well when taking Sitaglitapin.

Drug Storage

Keep the medication at normal temperature. Do not store where there is excessive heat or moisture in a room. Always keep inside airtight medicine bottle it comes in.


This drug comes in strengths of 25, 50, or 100 mg tablets.