Losing Weight Takes Patience and Perserverance

by Lisa

I work part time in a bookstore and you can’t even begin to imagine the number of diet books. Now I am not thin either, so when people come in and ask me about the latest fad, I just want to ask them “Does it look like I use diet books?” Since recent back surgery, I was told that I needed to lose weight. Since I graduated high school over 14 years ago, I am one of those few people who can say that I have remained the same size. Granted it was a size 18, but I have kept the same size. So when my Dr told me that I needed to drop some pounds to prevent further back issues, I had to listen. I refused to be a fad diet and knew that basically the trick to losing the pounds was getting off my butt and getting to the gym, even if it meant just walking. It also meant that I did not need the 3rd piece of pizza or the second scoop of ice cream. It really is just that simple. I think that what most people don’t realize is that it does take time to lose the weight and you really have to be good. Cut out the fast food, move to diet soda, maybe you use two eggs for breakfast instead of 4. It is the small things like that that do make a difference. They have for me. Plus it really does help when your partner decides to make the same changes. It gives both of you and your family a goal. Oh and remember, you are allowed to cheat on occasion. Having a cookie or two will not kill you. Having a dozen or two will.

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