Mum has type two diabetes. She was unwell for a couple of days, then on Tuesday of this week collapsed.She was then seen by paramedics who got her blood sugar levels back up.The paramedics consulted her GP, and he said if her levels were back up then she would be ok. Please bear in mind mum is seventy seven and her husband eighty eight. Later the next day mum again collapsed and went into a diabetic coma. We are unable to establish how long she was like this as her husband found her the next morning on the floor. Today, Saturday, the 18/07/2009, she is in hospital in a deep coma and as her breathing supported.Tomorrow they are going to remove all support because they say she is severely brain damaged. But I cannot understand why because she still feels pain, and I think it is too soon and I am very distressed about this. Can anyone explain why we cannot do anything about the doctors decsion?

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