My Friend Had Type 2 and Complications

by Rita

Hi, I am telling story of diabetes, that was detected in my friend. I remember the day when we reached to the family doctor complaining some problem with eyesight. My friend is just 50 years of old and never faced a critical health problem. The doctor insisted us to do regular check ups of my friend as she crossed her fifties. Then my friend had gone and had some urine and blood test (pre-meal and post meal) and found sugar high in both the samples. She got very nervous, as she assumes diabetes is a very complicated disease. But the doctor assured her that she just have to take some precautions to refrain from ill-diseases that may occur due to diabetes. He explained to us to take care of the wounds and not question how minor it is. He also told us some smart tips about diet and necessity to check the samples frequently. Regular life started and she started ignoring her doctor’s instructions. She ignored a minor injury of her foot, it started increasing day by day. Septic started accumulating in the wound, and we have to again run to the doctor to take a treatment. She got scared due to this and never ignored doctors instruction again. This story is around five years old and now she is very much happy with her family and of course with her healthy life…….

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Apr 01, 2009
Diagonosed at Age 26
by: Dana

I have diabetes at the age of 26. I found out that I had diabetes through a check up at my doctor's office. I have had to change my eating habits and my exercise routine. It did not work all the way. I am on a prescription called Metformin. I have to go to the doctor every three months or so for my AC 1 test and to check on how the medication is working. All in all, I think that I am doing well living with my type two diabetes.

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