My Husband Was Diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes

by Anonymous

My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in Oct 08. For about 3 weeks he had been having trouble sleeping at night and then was always thirsty. He would drink gallons of water and then go to the bathroom all night. He lost 15 lbs in 2 weeks. Then one Sunday morning he woke up and wasn’t feeling well so I told him to go to the ER. Off we went, and when they checked his sugar it was 679. They freaked out and immediately gave him a shot and continued using them,and wouldn’t release him until it was below 250. Every 15 minutes for 5 hours they checked his sugar and gave him another insulin shot. Finally it got to 264 and they released him. On Monday morning we went to his Dr. and he was put on a pill. On Thursday he started having trouble seeing so we made another appointment and the Dr told him his sugar was still over 350 so he went on the shot also. Less than week later he woke up one morning and he couldn't see anything but light or dark. So off to the Dr. we went again and he increased everything and sent us to the Optometrist. They checked his vision, and due to the sugar being so high it was affecting his vision. When his sugar finally got close to normal about another week later, it cleared up. He now has to make sure his sugar is below 200 because it will affect his vision. We watch everything he eats now and we will always have to. My husband is not over weight and is only 41 yrs old.

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