My Outcome Was Good After Birthing

by Sherrie

When I was 26 weeks pregnant with my third child I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. At first I was scared about the prognosis, but after a visit with a nutritionist my fears were calmed a bit. The real thing I was scared about was having to poke my finger every day, but it wasn't that hard and it didn't even hurt! I checked my blood sugar levels a few times a day and changed my diet to try and control my sugar levels. After 3 weeks of doing this, my blood sugar levels were still too high. So, my physician put me on insulin. The insulin, again, scared me but I knew that it was something that I had to do for the health of my baby as well as my own being. However, the insulin wasn't so bad and I actually started to become use to giving myself shots. I also became much more aware of what I ate and when I should eat. I gave birth to a baby girl at full term and she was healthy, although she did weigh in at over 9 pounds! I only had a few high sugar levels for the first two days after she was born, but I did not take any insulin. Then, all of a sudden, my sugar levels were back to normal again and I've never had any difficulty since. It has been 3 years since she was born and I have not had any symptoms associated with diabetes. My daughter is healthy as well. I am thinking about having another baby but know that I probably have a greater chance of having this same prognosis again.

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