My PCOS and Diabetes

by Anonymous

I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic at the same time I was diagnosed with PCOS, they mostly go hand in hand. Then when I became pregnant I developed gestational diabetes. It was a tremendous and scary blow. My sugar levels were of the chart with me often feeling hot and emotionaly unsound. After I was told by the doctor that she could put me on medicine right then and that I would probably require insulin for the last few months of the pregnancy I said give me two weeks! I went home with lots of educational materials and nutrion information. I applied that information to my life cutting severely down the levels of processed sugar and grains. I also learned to fully understand food labels and looked at all labels,4 grams of sugar equals 1 teaspoon! I also used an elliptical machine 20 minutes a day 5 times a week. The combination of food smarts and excersize kept me off insulin completely and off medicine till the last two months. The doctor was so surprised, she said most people do not heed such a serious warning about their health. I ended up losing all the baby weight 15 days after giving birth and the memories of feeling so unwell with diabetes and its' threat is my motivation to keep running and diabetes free!

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