My Quest to Lose Weight

by Mary

I have found that a combination of things work for me on my quest to lose weight. I do not have diabetes...yet...but it does run in my family. My father developed it late in life as did my sister. So, diabetes is a concern for my future and a reason why I am actively pursuing weight loss now before it becomes a real issue. The things that work for me are cutting back on carbs. I try to eat a lot of things that are high in protein, low in carbs, low in fat and low in sugar. Fresh vegetables and fruits, egg whites, salmon and shrimp are my mainstays. I also try to keep my daily diet intake at less than twelve hundred calories a day which means about five meals a day at two hundred and fifty calories per meal. And the most important thing I think is to exercise daily! I try to implement exercise everyday. Activities such as walking, weight training, pilates and or yoga are all good. My daughter has a gym membership and I have been going to the gym with her at least once a week. We do kickboxing, latin fusion dance, swimming and cardio on the eliptical machine. The combination of things is keeping me interested and gives me more energy. I feel better about myself and I believe a good self image is key!

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