My Story about Having Diabetes

by Aaron Wallad

When my doctor told me "We have to take some aggressive action to take care of your high blood sugar level." I knew he wanted to give me some drugs. That was one path I did not want to take. I had to find an alternative to prescription medications. I searched on the internet and looked at some vitamin books. My mission was to find a natural cure.

Within a few months I started taking Fenugreek, Gymnema Sylvestre and Stable Sugar. All natural products designed to control and reduce my blood sugar level. By March of 2006 I had decreased my blood sugar level from 325 to 306. I was moving in the right direction, but at too slow a pace. I had to find something better. My blood sugar level was still very high. So I searched some more.

In May of 2006 I contacted my friend Matt Z. He is the co founder of a natural herbs company. After researching the company, I decided to try a product that consisted of over 250 Chinese herbs. After taking 4 bottles (in 4 days) I went back to the doctor to test my blood. The level was 201.

Oh Happy Day

I had more energy, my complexion looked better, and the bottoms of my feet were smoother. I was moving in the right direction. I will take the extra benefits that coincided with the reduction of my blood sugar. Wouldn’t you?

I then did some more research and found out that many other people benefited from using this product and other products from Matt Z's company. That is why I have associated myself with him.

Now the rest of the story.

On September 15, 2006 I tested my blood sugar level again. From the time I took the 4 bottles of the Chinese herbs to September 15 I had not taken any more of the liquid. I was nervous. Would my blood sugar level go up? Does this product have staying power? I did not want to have to rely on this product (or any product) forever. My test results from September 15, 2006 showed 201 on the meter. I thought there might be an error so I tested again - 201 was the number.

You have no idea how happy I felt.

So I decided to take two more bottles because my blood sugar level was still too high. My level dropped again to 160. Recapping my experience indicated that I was moving in the right direction, 306 down to 160 taking six bottles of this liquid has made a huge impact in my life. This was very attractive to me.

I do not live in fear of being rushed to the hospital with a some kind ailment produced by very high sugar. In November of 2006 I used another three bottles. My level December 4, 2006 went to 130. I am astonished that in a five month period, I was able to lower my blood sugar from 306 to 130. I know it sounds crazy. Taking nine bottles in nine days and reducing my number 176 points is amazing. But that is what happened.

I am very thankful that I had something to use instead of being married to some drug to maintain a sense of normalcy regarding my blood sugar for the rest of my life. As I write this I feel so relieved.

Please pass this on to someone you think would benefit.

Aron Wallad created better health in his life using natural herbs... He has dramatically decreased his blood sugar level by more than 50% using a 47 year old remedy that consists of over 250 natural herbs. His skin has improved using the same alternative natural product. He also stopped smoking cigarettes using Chinese herbs 12 years ago. You can do the same. See for yourself. Go here right now to check out some herbs and remedies Go here for other stories

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